Total value proposition & unique selling points

A watermist system from VID Fire-Kill shall always give positive value to the end user. Positive value in our eyes is when the total sum of all benefits we supply is larger than the cost of obtaining the system.

To create these benefits all our products and systems are created with unique selling points enabling us to provide as much value as possible.

VID Fire-Kill advantages to other solutions

Some advantages to sprinklers


– Use less water benefitting  “green technology” (typical between 60%-80% saving),
– Aesthetic better looking (innovative designs),
– Covering certain applications better,
– Reduced systems weight,
– Can be more effective performance-wise toward hydrocarbon fires,
– Less water damages in case of (false) activation,
– Faster activation in case of fire – smaller damages,
– Less corrosion problems,
– Smaller pipe dimensions,
– Less business interruption due to less water damage.

Some advantages to high pressure watermist


– More robust systems (16 bar vs 300 bar),
– Larger waterways (orifices size for low pressure: 2.5mm, high pressure: 0.2mm),
– Less need for filtration and less risk of strainers clogging (y-strainers vs. paper filters),
– Use less power (reduces cost – easier to make 100% redundant systems),
– Cost effective system components (thin walled vs. thick walled, plastic pipes and galvanized pipes can in some circumstances be used in low pressure systems),
– Easier to install and maintain (standard connections such as PN16/25 press, thread, flange, groove vs. compression ring fittings).

VID Fire-Kill advantages to other low pressure watermist suppliers

– Offering FM approved automatic and open nozzles,
– Offering fully MED and Type approved product range to all IMO standards,
– Offering largest product range with most covered variety of applications,
– Specializing 100% in watermist solutions,
– Production system is ISO 9001 accredited, FM approved and DNV/GL and Lloyds Register MED-B approved,
– More than 25 years knowhow within watermist R&D, manufacturing and sales.