Product Description

The MS-SJ-EL Pump Set from VID Fire-Kill is a pump station featuring a multi-stage fresh water pump and jockey-pump.  The pump station has been designed to be robust and reliable, as well as easy to transport and install.

The pump station can be supplied with pumps catering to any specific application and are delivered fully assembled and ready for a quick installation.

Product Approval and Scope


The MS-SJ-EL Pump Set from VID Fire-Kill can be supplied with a full FM approval, FM approval of the controller or in accordance with EN 12845 and/or NFPA 20.


The MS-SJ-EL Pump Set can be designed to fit any application in which a jockey pump is required.

Product Uniqueness

  • Designed to fit any specified application
  • Delivered fully assembled, ready to install
  • Multi-stage centrifugal pump and jockey pump
  • Monitored trim
  • Approved pump control panel
  • Robust Chassis
  • Easy to transport and install

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