Product Description

The Model Vesuvius & Etna are open low pressure watermist nozzles used for fat kitchen hood and duct protection.
Model Vesuvius protects all kitchen equipment underneath kitchen hoods and Model Etna protects unlimited length ducts. Model Vesuvius is a linear nozzle with the length of 1.8m and is designed to fight kitchen and fat fryer fires with pure watermist, whereas Model Etna is a linear nozzle with the length of 6 m and designed to fight duct fires with pure water. As Model Vesuvius & Etna use no chemicals and toxic agents, they reduce business interruption.

Product Approval & Scope


Model Vesuvius is MED and Type Approved by DNV (Det Norske Veritas) to the standard ISO 15371 and Model Etna is Type Approved by DNV (Det Norske Veritas) to the standard ISO 15371. Both tests include fire tests and components tests ensuring the function and robustness for nozzles being used in harsh environments. The Vesuvius have furthermore been tested in splash tests proving that no harm will be done to any people close to the fryer in case of activation.


Model Vesuvius can be used in any size hood and can be scaled to protect the entire area underneath the hood where kitchen appliances such as vats, fryers, ovens, etc., are found. Fryers must however contain no more than 30l cooking oil and have a maximum fryer pool surface area of 0.5m x 0.5m. Model Etna can protect unlimited length ducts with however with a maximum diameter of 0.6m.

Product Uniqueness

– Utilizing pure low pressure watermist,
– Highly flexible and scalable designs,
– Reduce business interruption in case of activation,
– No harm to people or the environment,
– Large nozzle orifices reducing posibility of clogging,
– Low water pressures,
– Low water flow.

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