Product Description

The VID Fire-Kill Automatic Test Manifold is a pre-fabricated unit for onsite periodic nozzle maintenance testing. The test manifold unit has been developed to complement the periodic test requirements found in NFPA and CEN standards.


Product Approval & Scope

VID Fire-Kill have decided to specify 2 nozzles every 5 years for land based installations to increase the quality level and minimize the risk for non-operating systems. For marine installations, the IMO protocol should be followed.




Every 5 years a minimum of 2 nozzles should be removed and returned to VID Fire-Kill for a series functional testing. The quinquennial functional testing of 2 nozzles will takes place at an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

Product Uniqueness

Material manifold: Brass NiSn plated

Material ball valves: Stainless steel

Material pressure gauge: Stainless steel

Max number of nozzles: 6 pcs

Weight: 6.20 kg

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