Product Description

The Model OH-S42 installation spanner is designed to help install the VID Fire-Kill automatic nozzles Model OH-range and Model OH-Poseidon series. The Model OH-S42 protects the nozzles and their glass bulb under installation, and also informs the installer of the correct nozzle position. An indication mark on the spanner shows the correct nozzle depth relative to the surface of which the nozzle is to be installed in.

Product Approval & Scope


The Model OH-S42 spanner has been successfully component tested together with the Model OH-series and the Model OH-Poseidon series to standards such as FM5560 “HC1” and IMO A800 + MSC 265(84).


The Model OH-S42 spanner can be used together with any Model OH-range or Model OH-Poseidon series automatic watermist nozzle.

Product Uniqueness

– Informs about the correct nozzle position relative to the wall or ceiling.
– Protects the nozzle and its glass bulb under installation.

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