Product Description

The Model OH-R2-TS is robust and easy to install rosette/escutcheon designed to be installed with the Model Fire-Kill OH-range and the Model Neptun OH range of automatic nozzles.

The rosette is intended to cover the installation-holes of the OH-nozzles and to protect the nozzle and the surface of which it is installed into.

The rosette is designed to be used in combination with pipes that are embedded into the concrete structure, typically RED-Pipe.

The Model OH-R2-TS is a simple and pleasing rosette with a plain face.

Product Approval & Scope

The Model OH-R2-TS has been successfully fire and component tested together with the Model Fire-Kill OH-range and the Model OH-Neptun series to standards such as FM5560 “HC1” and IMO A800 amended by MSC 265(84).

The Model OH-R2-TS rosette can be used together with any Model OH-range or Model OH-Neptun series automatic watermist nozzle in flat and smooth combustible and non-combustible ceilings.

Product Uniqueness

– Model OH-R2-TS is fully customizable in regards to colour and coating.
– Made in robust stainless steel,
– Can be used together with a large range of automatic nozzles.


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