Product Description

The Model OH-R2-T and Model OH-R2-TH are robust and easy to install rosette/escutcheon designed to be installed with the Model Fire-Kill OH-range and the Model Neptun OH range automatic nozzles.

The rosettes are intended to cover the installation-holes of the OH-nozzles and to protect the nozzle and the surface of which it is installed into.

The Model OH-R2-T is a simple and pleasing rosette with a plain face.

The Model OH-R2-TH is also a simple and pleasing rosette, but has been fitted with four fixation-holes, allowing the rosette to be fixed directly to the surrounding surface.

Product Approval and Scope


The Model OH-R2-T and Model OH-R2-TH have been successfully fire and component tested together with the Model OH-range and the Model OH-Poseidon series to standards such as FM5560 “HC1” and IMO A800 ammended by MSC 265(84).


The Model OH-R2-T and Model OH-R2-TH rosettes can be used together with any Model OH-range or Model OH-Poseidon series automatic watermist nozzle in flat and smooth combustible and non-combustible ceilings

Product Uniqueness

  • Fully customizable,
  • Easy to hide from view through color and coating,
  • Robust, made in stainless steel,
  • Functional with all OH-nozzles,
  • Easy to install and secure,
  • Prevents debris from falling through the installation hole.

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