Model OH-UPR

The upright installed Model OH-UPR nozzles have been designed specifically for effective and reliable protection of Ordinary Hazard 2 “Enclosed Car Parks” risks.

Being specifically designed for the protection of enclosed car parks, VID Fire-Kill has been able to maximize coverage, while considerably lowering water supply requirements, and utilizing specific nozzle-orientations allowing for the most effective fire-protection capabilities.

Approvals and Typical Applications

The OH-UPR system has been successfully tested and apprioved to VdS car park test protocol,  as implemented in the CEN/prEN 14972:2016, part 5.

The Model OH-UPR has been successfully tested and approved to protect OH2 Enclosed Car Parks risks.

Included in the OH2 Enclosed Car Parks category the following applications can be found:

Car Park Garages – Non-Automatic, Fully Enclosed Garages – Underground Garages

For more information regarding the applicability of the Model OH-UPR, please read the supplied datasheets below or contact the VID Fire-Kill Salesteam.

The Model OH-Nozzle Range

The Model OH-nozzle range consists of low pressure watermist nozzles with low water requirements and designed to function at low water pressures. When installed recessed, the Model OH-nozzles are capable of perfectly blending in with its surroundings due to their semi-concealed design and implementation of rosettes and coverplates supplied in any RAL color.

The Model OH-nozzle range has been designed for effective protection of:

  • NFPA’s LH, OH and OH2 Hazard Classifications
  • CEN’s Residential Domestic/LH, OH1, OH2 and OH3 Hazard Classifications

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