Model OH-VSO, Model OH-SW, Model OH-SW2

The pendent installed Model OH-VSO, the horizontally installed Model OH-SW and Model OH-SW2 have been designed specifically for effective and reliable protection of most EN OH1 risks and NFPA LH risks.

The pendent nozzles have been designed for all applications and the same goes for the horizontally installed nozzles, if the application allows for the horizontally installed nozzles spacing restrictions.

Being specifically designed for the protection of these hazard groups, VID Fire-Kill have been able to maximize coverage, while considerably lowering water supply requirements, and utilizing specific nozzle-orientations allows for the most effective fire-protection capabilities.

Approvals and Typical Applications

The OH-VSO system has been successfully tested and approved to the FM5560 standard for FM HC1 occupancies, as implemented in the CEN/prEN 14972:2016, part 4.

The OH-SW has been successfully tested and approved in accordance with Danish Fire Laboratories test method 80728-SW “fire test scenario for horizontally installed sidewall water mist nozzles” as implemented in the CEN/prEN 14972:2016, part 1, Annex A.

OH-SW2 nozzles have been tested to CEN prEN 14972:2019 Part 1 Appendix A + VdS fire test protocol for Sidewall Sprinkler systems, Protection of OH1 risk Areas.


The Model OH-VSO, Model OH-SW, Model OH-SW2 have been successfully tested and approved to protect most EN OH1 risks and NFPA LH risks.

Included in the EN OH1 and NFPA LH risk categories the following applications can be found:

Apartments – Atriums – Churches – Concealed Spaces – Gymnasiums – Hospitals – Hotel Rooms – Institutions – Kitchens – Libraries – Meeting Rooms – Metalworking Shops with non-hydraulic cutting operations – Mineral Processing Plants (for such as gypsum, glass, cement, ore treatment, etc.) – Museums – Nursing or Covalescent Homes – Offices – Restaurant Seating Areas – Schools and University Classrooms – Unused Attics

For more information regarding the applicability of the Model OH-VSO, Model OH-SW, Model OH-SW2, please read the supplied datasheets below or contact the VID Fire-Kill Salesteam.

The Model OH-Nozzle Range

The Model OH-nozzle range consists of low pressure watermist nozzles with low water requirements and designed to function at low water pressures. When installed recessed, the Model OH-nozzles are capable of perfectly blending in with its surroundings due to their semi-concealed design and implementation of rosettes and coverplates supplied in any print or RAL color.

The Model OH-nozzle range has been designed for effective protection of:

  • NFPA’s LH, OH and OH2 Hazard Classifications
  • CEN’s Residential Domestic/LH, OH1, OH2 and OH3 Hazard Classifications

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