Product Description

The Model OH-DPD is an extension to the Model OH nozzles. The Model OH-DPD allows for the installation of Model OH nozzles in areas exposed to freezing temperatures or otherwise hazardous areas, without compromising the connected wet-pipe system.

The Model OH-DPD extension acts as a unit between the dry Model OH nozzle and the wet-pipe system. Once the automatic nozzle actuates, the Model OH-DPD opens for the supply of water from the wet-pipe system to the nozzle.

Product Approval & Scope


The Model OH-DPD has been successfully component tested in accordance with the applicable sections of the  IMO MSC Res. A. 800 for low pressure water mist nozzles. The tests have been performed by an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.


The Model OH-DPD is to be used as an extension to low pressure water mist wet-pipe systems, specifically as a unit between the wet-pipes and the dry-pipe automatic nozzles. The Model OH-DPD shall be subjected to the same requirements as the regular Model OH nozzles in regards to positioning and installation.

Product Uniqueness

  • Complete solution ready for installation,
  • Reliable protection of locations in freezing temperatures,
  • The fast response time of a wet-pipe system,
  • The reliability and robustness of a dry-pipe system.

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