Product Description

The VID Fire-Kill Model LAK-7 system is an FM approved system designed for local protection of high-risk machinery in large industrial spaces.

The LAK-7 system utilizes the Model LAK-7 open low pressure watermist nozzles which can be supplied in varied materials and with different thread types.

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Product Approval & Scope


The FIREKILL™ LAK-7 system has been approved and tested in accordance with FM5560:2019 Appendix I, FIRE TEST FOR WATER MIST SYSTEMS FOR THE PROTECTION OF LOCAL APPLICATION.



The unique design of the LAK-7 nozzles makes it possible to perform with a water pressure down to 8 bar.

Product Uniqueness

  • Large nozzle orifices reducing posibility of clogging,
  • Robust nozzle design for very harsh environments,
  • Low water pressures,
  • Low water consumptions.

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