Product Description

The Model N-Pipe Type I and 2V have been designed for a zoned protection of industrial conveyors. With the zoned approach, the design lowers the design and installation time of the system and makes it fast and easy to incorporate into existing locations. Both systems consists of 6 m lengths of N-Pipe.

Product Approval and Scope


The Model N-Pipe I and 2V are successfully full scale tested in accordance with DFL TM 90329-03 with amendments 150225-2, ISO 15371, Chapter 5.3 duct and DFL report no. 120919-1 with test designed accordingly to CEN/TS 14972 annex B as well as in accordance with several other standards and regulations.


For use in protecting conveyors, the Model N-Pipe Type 1 and 2V have been tested and approved for use in protecting industrial conveyors. The Model N-Pipe Type I, fitted with K1 or BMI nozzles, and Type 2V, fitted with BM1 nozzles, are approved for the protection of closed, semi-closed and open conveyors transporting clean wood residue from forestry or other wood, coal or wood pellet processing, and more.

Product Uniqueness

  • Robust design, reducing the need of fittings,
  • Very fine and even distribution of the water mist due to the possibility of small nozzle spacings without increasing the cost for fittings and works,
  • Large nozzle orifices reducing possibility of clogging,
  • Low water pressures,
  • Low water flows

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