Product Description

The Model F are a series of compact, robust, high capacity, in-line strainers. The Model F strainers have been fitted with the means to give an alarm (either electrical or visual alarm) when its strainer is about to reach capacity and needs to be either rinsed or cleaned. The strainer can be easily disassembled from the connected system, through its flanged connections.

The strainers have been designed for use in low pressure watermist systems, water spray systems and other such systems usually utilizing other VID Fire-Kill products.

Product Approval and Scope


The Model F strainers have been tested with full contamination load in water to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) clogging test standard for water mist systems MSC 1165 and IMO MSC 265(84).


The Model F strainers can be used in hydraulic systems with high requirements to water quality and component reliability. Additionally, the Model F strainers are made in stainless steel (316) making it a great match for systems with high requirements to corrosion resistance.

Product Uniqueness

  • Compact, robust and reliable
  • Prevents obstruction and clogging of system components
  • Minimizes needs for inspection
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Robust design, purely in stainless steel 316

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