Product Description

The VID Fire-Kill Model DA-1 Detection and Activation System is a small electrical panel featuring signal assesment, 24 hour back-up battery unit and a thermocouple with 5m extension cable. The Model DA-1 has been designed for detection of fires in locations containing high-risk electrical machinery and is capable of turning off machinery during fires and to activate necessary fire protection valves and peripheral units.

Product Approval & Scope


The Model DA-1 is successfully tested to EN3-7 for the detection part ensuring that the function of double knock heat detection works. It has furthermore been tested in full scale fires as a part of a total fire protection system to the CEN/TS14972 annex B.



The Model DA-1 system has been designed to be installed in areas in which early fire detection and system activation is desired, such as in production areas and industrial machinery spaces where highly valuable machinery is located.

Product Uniqueness

– Fast detection possibilities and reliable activation signaling,
– Minimizes the need for fire panels for single object protections,
– Detection delay and responds can be programmed to suit the need,
– 24h power back-up built in.

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