Product Description

The VID Fire-Kill Model C-EL-PA Pre-Action Valves are a series of robust and reliable pre-action, angle positioned, valves created entirely in stainless steel (316L) and designed for operating as a closed pre-action zone valve in a dry-pipe systems. The valves are capable of functioning under very harsh and highly corrosive conditions, and designed to be easily disassembled for easy maintenance and refurbishment. The C-EL-PA Valves have two main objectives: First is to, at a pre-set pressure, to detect a pressure drops in the dry part of the pipe system and thereafter to send an alarm signal to a fire panel. Secondly, the valves can, with an electrical AC or DC signal, work as a deluge valve opening up for water to flow into the dry part of the system.

Product Approval & Scope


The VID Fire-Kill Model C-EL-PA Valves have successfully been endurance tested with 1000 operations cycles and have furthermore been tested to corrosion tests and other such component tests described in CEN/TS 14972. Further the valves have been evaluated in accordance to EN ISO 13849-1 and EN ISO 13849-2 to find MTTFd (Mean Time To dangerous Failure) and its was found that the valves can withstand 150 years lifetime before first dangerous failure will occur.

The C-EL-PA is FM Approved as a part of the FIREKILL OH-system.


The VID Fire-Kill Model C-EL-PA Valves can be used in any pre-action designed fire protection system. As the valves are made in 100% stainless steel 316L they are perfectly suited for watermist systems needing the high corrosion resistant design, however they can also be used with other fire protection systems such as wet sprinkler systems. They fit perfectly into systems being installed where high corrosion resistance, robustness and reliability is needed.

Pre-action valves are often part of systems used where false releases of water is feared such as in data centers, archives, etc.

Product Uniqueness

– Robust design as made in pure stainless steel 316L design for very harsh environments,
– Compact sized design with most trim built internally,
– Trim part is delivered on the valves and tested from factory,
– Lifetime to dangerous failure of more than 150 years,
– Simple maintenance requirements and fast disassembly of the valves if needed.

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