Product Description

The VID FIREKILL Model BM-1 and B1 open low pressure watermist nozzles for protection of machinery enclosures not exceeding 260 m3 have been developed for protection of different industrial applications, high hazard machinery spaces and bilge areas. The Model BM-1 and B1 nozzle sizes and manufacturing principles make them robust and reliable pieces of firefighting equipment for various industrial applications.




Product Approval & Scope


The Model BM-1 and B1 nozzles have been approved to FM 5560:2016 Protection of Machinery in Enclosures with Volumes Not Exceeding 9175 ft3 (260 m3), Appendix C.


The BM-1 and B1 nozzles are designed to create a homogeneous fine water spray that absorbs heat, reduces radiant heat, and causes oxygen depletion in the vicinity of the fire and thereby controls and suppresses the fire. This homogeneous spray consists of a high concentration of very small droplets. Due to the small mass and large surface of the droplets, the nozzles create a large coverage that minimizes the water expenditures and hydrates nearby combustibles.

Product Uniqueness

– Can be used for a large range of applications,
– Large nozzle orifices reducing clogging possibilities,
– Robust nozzle design for very harsh environments,
– Low water pressures,
– Low water consumptions,
– Large nozzle spacings.

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