Product Description

The VID Fire-Kill Model BB & BBK Residential Home Protection Systems are complete systems that integrate fire detection, actuation, alarm and active fire protection into “easy to install” and “aesthetically pleasing” units. Due to the very fast but reliable detection and activation, the Model BB & BBK systems are suitable in areas where life safety protection is needed such as in residential homes, homes for the elderly, hospitals and institutions. The designs of the systems are made so they are fast to install in new buildings as well as to retrofit in existing. The systems function at very low pressures (<2.5bar) and utilize very little water (10-20 l/min), which makes it possible to use them most places with connection to existing public water and power mains.

Product Approval & Scope


The Model BB and BBK are successfully full scale tested to the CEN/TS14972 annex B for scenarios involving typical fuels and fire loads found in residential homes such as beds, sofas, chairs, carpets, wood furniture and other such fuels.


The Model BB and BBK can be used in residential and domestic places, as well as in institutions and hospital, as long as there is a water connection giving minimum 10 l/min and as long as 230VDC is available. The units are designed for life safety but will also protect the building.

Product Uniqueness

– Can be connected to  public water mains and power supply,
– Designed to be retrofitted,
– Designed to blend into the surroundings,
– Will detect and activate a fire within very short time increasing the possibility of saving lives,
– Double-knock detection (heat and smoke) ensures no false activations,
– Can be programmed to give alarm through SMS, LAN, CANBUS or Switch.

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