Product Description

The VID Fire-Kill Model AU7 has been designed specifically for the fire protection of large indoor spaces with high ceiling heights, which contains closely arranged moderate fire loads such as seating areas found in auditoriums, cinemas, theaters, halls, atriums, etc. The Model AU7 nozzles have a unique design making it possible to install them into the floor or into parts of the furniture, with the nozzle top plate flush with the surface. This gives a discrete finish,and makes the nozzle blend perfectly into the surroundings. In case of fire the added water pressure ensure that the nozzle rises from the nozzle house and distribute watermist 9m from the nozzle at only 8 bar.

Product Approval & Scope


The Model AU7 is successfully tested to DFL test method standard TM90805-01 designed accordingly to CEN/TS 14972 annex B.


The Model AU7 can protect large ceiling height rooms where the main fire risk is positioned on the floor and can be closely arranged, and where low to medium fuel loads are found. Such applications can be seating areas found in auditoriums, cinemas, theaters. The nozzles can be installed in rooms with unlimited height, unlimited length, and up to 18m width with installations at two walls only.

Product Uniqueness

– Covers up to 18m wide seating areas with horizontal installations only,
– Design to blend perfectly into the surroundings,
– Pop-up design protects the nozzles at all times,
– Large nozzle orifices reducing clogging possibilities,
– Low water pressures,
– Low water flow.

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