Product Description

The VID Fire-Kill Model M48 low pressure watermist nozzle is a pop-up nozzle utilizing low pressure watermist to provide fire protection on decks found offshore. The nozzle is installed embedded into the deck, flush with the surrounding surface. This protects the nozzles in standby position but enables them to perform as needed if a fire occurs. Once pressure is added to the nozzle pipes, the nozzle will elevate from the floor and spray water mist in a radius of up to 5.3 meter. The distributed watermist can be used to protect the deck against fire, but can also be used to rinse the deck in case of harmful chemical or liquids end up on the deck.

Product Approval & Scope


The Model M48 nozzles are successfully tested by the Danish Defense in full scale fires tests involving hydrocarbon pool fires such as Jet Fuels, Heptane and Diesel oil, both with and without ventilation.


The Model M48 can protect deck areas in the offshore sector both indoor as well as outdoor. The nozzles are being used in offshore applications to ensure the safety of entire structures.

Product Uniqueness

– Very large coverage per nozzle, with a very evenly distributed spray,
– The watermist distributed is not significantly affected by wind,
– Pop-up design protects the nozzles at all times,
– The Nozzle is designed very robust making it almost unbreakable,
– Large nozzle orifices reducing posibilities of clogging,
– Low water pressures,
– Low water flows.

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