Product Description

The VID Fire-Kill FIREKILL K6™ low pressure open watermist nozzle is FM Approved for total flooding protection of mechanical and electrical equipment found in machinery spaces, special hazard machinery spaces, combustion turbines and insulated combustion turbines with volumes up to 4610 m³ and with ceiling heights up to 12m.


Product Approval & Scope


The FIREKILL K6™ nozzle is FM (Factory Mutual) Approved to the standard FM5560 covering large machinery spaces and turbine enclosures. The nozzle is approved to a maximum volume of 4610m³ and 12m height making it possible to protect even the largest machinery spaces found in the industry.


The FIREKILL K6™ nozzles can be used in machinery spaces such as Internal Combustion Engines, Oil Pumps, Oil Tanks, Fuel Filters, Generators, Transformer Vaults, Gear Boxes, Drive Shafts, Lubricated Skids, Diesel Engine Driven Generators and Combustion Turbines.

Product Uniqueness

– Largest FM Approved protection volume,
– Only one installation tier needed in 12m high rooms,
– Large nozzle orifices reducing posibility of clogging,
– Robust nozzle design for very harsh environments,
– Low water pressures,
– Low water consumptions,
– Large nozzle Spacings.

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