Product Description

The VID Fire-Kill automatic Low pressure Watermist OH Anti-Ligature nozzles are designed for installation in facilities where self-harm is a concern.


Product Approval & Scope

The nozzles are specifically developed for installation in mental health facilities, detention facilities, prisons, and similar institutional occupancies where people are detained, and where there is an increased risk of the nozzle being used in a suicide attempt.

The OH Anti-Ligature nozzles have been successfully tested and approved according to FM5560, VdS and CEN prEN-14972.

Product Uniqueness

The semi-concealed nozzles are made with a tamper resistant construction and a breakaway feature which will activate if the nozzle is exposed to excessive weight – 10.6 kg for sidewall nozzles and 12 kg for pendent nozzles.

Literature for Model OH-Anti-Ligature