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Happy 10th Anniversary!

April 28, 2021

Today we are celebrating our Director of Operations in the UK, Dean Reeve! Since 28th April 2011, Dean has been a valued member of the VID Fire-Kill team and an important asset to the company not only with his experti...

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New FM Approval!

April 07, 2021

We are pleased to announce that our FIREKILL™ LAK-7 Low pressure watermist system has obtained FM Approval in the local application hazard category.

The LAK-7 local application system covers industrial hazard...

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VID Fire-Kill Receives Updated MED-B Certificate!

March 18, 2021

VID Fire-Kill has received an updated MED-B EC Certificate for the OH-Neptun series nozzles including the new OH-CA2 nozzle for cabin fire protection. The OH-CA2 has been optimized to cover 22 m2 with just one nozzle...

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VID Fire-Kill Welcomes a New Technical Support Engineer!

March 04, 2021

Increased growth and a growing list of distributors require extra technical support. We are delighted to welcome Anders Wille to our team as our new Technical Support Engineer, effective 1st March. Anders’ primary r...

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VID Fire-Kill’s TUNPROTEC® Protecting the Montezemolo Tunnel in Northern Italy

January 28, 2021

First Low Pressure Watermist ‘Fixed Fire Fighting System’ for Road Tunnels has been installed in Italy.

VID Fire-Kill’s TUNPROTEC® Low Pressure Watermist Solution has been installed in the 1.8 km lon...

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