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July 14, 2017

An effort to increase interest in the VID Fire-Kill TUNPROTEC® tunnel safety systems has resulted in the development of a new TUNPROTEC®-centered website and new international distributors.

The new TUNPROTEC® website, found here, includes:

  • A rundown of the TUNPROTEC® system and its components,
  • In-depth introduction to the complete TUNPROTEC® system for effective fire protection of tunnels and such infrastructure applications,
  • Educational material in regards to the benefits of low pressure watermist fire-protection,
  • Educational material in regards to how low pressure watermist is capable of controlling and suppressing fires and limiting back layering within tunnels,
  • A selection of completed and on-going projects around the world,
  • A list of experts ready to answer your queries about the TUNPROTEC® system.

The TUNPROTEC® website will additionally feature news and relevant advances within the field of fire-protection of tunnels and TUNPROTEC® developments.

We hope that this new innitiative will result in an increased interest in the TUNPROTEC® system.