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New FM Approval on Model FIREKILL™ OH-VSO nozzle and Model WAC alarm check valve

October 16, 2015

VID Fire-Kill is proud to announce an approval update on the FM approved Model FIREKILL™ OH-VSO nozzle. With the new approval update the nozzles can be used with 8 bar water pressure, which reduces the requirement for power and water for the system. The optimized FIREKILL™ system specifications are:

2.3 lpm density + 8 bar water pressure + 20.25m2 spacing + 5m height + FM APPROVAL to HC1

VID Fire-Kill is furthermore proud to announce that their Model WAC – Alarm Check Valve designed for automatic low pressure watermist systems is now FM Approved as a part of the FIREKILL™ system. This ensures that users of FIREKILL™ systems get reliable flow detection!

Read more about FIREKILL™ system here and more about WAC here.