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New FM Approval – Low Pressure Watermist System for complete protection of data centers

June 03, 2019

We are proud to announce that VID Fire-Kill has obtained FM approval on the Fire-Kill Low Pressure Watermist System for protection of data centers.
The system is FM approved to protect all areas of modern data centers including server halls, sub floors, technical rooms, offices and more.
The solution is designed to offer:

– very low water consumption as found in high pressure watermist systems minimizing system space requirements and water damage in case of fire,
– the reliability and robustness coming from low water pressures normally found in conventional sprinkler systems,
– the cost effectiveness as found in gas systems, but without the use of chemicals and other extinguishing agents beside potable water.

For product information and datasheets: https://vidaps.dk/products/product/model-oh-dc1/