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New Approvals for the FIREKILL™ K6 Nozzles

January 25, 2018

We have obtained new approvals from FM according to FM 5560 and from DnVGL according to IMO MSC 1165 for small machinery space.
These approvals are for 320 m3 with FM and 500 m3 with DnVGL. Both are for 5-meter ceiling height.
Main benefit is reducing the water requirement and extinguishing time. For FM, the system operation time is reduced from 28,30 minutes for 800 m3 to 21 minutes for 320 m3 and the discharge rate is reduced from 1,4 mm/min to 1,1 mm/min.
The discharge rate for the DnVGL IMO 1165 approval is reduced from 1.73 mm/min to 0.99 mm/min. Due to short extinguishing time, the DnVGL approval opens for protection of twice the volume tested, i.e. 1000 m3.