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New DnVGL Approval – OH-SW2 Sidewall Nozzles for Protection of OH1 Risks

June 18, 2020

Our OH-SW2 Low Pressure Watermist sidewall nozzles – the latest nozzle in the automatic OH nozzle series – has obtained DnVGL approval.

The automatic OH-SW2 nozzles can cover an area of 6m by 6m and deliver a water density of 2 mm/min at a pressure of 8 bar.
The nozzles have been tested to CEN prEN 14972:2019 Part 1 Appendix A + VdS fire test protocol for Sidewall Sprinkler systems, Protection of OH1 risk Areas and are therefore suitable for protection of offices, public areas of low fire load, hotel rooms, rooms in hospitals, care homes, schools, flats, accommodation areas, and similar risk areas.

For product information and datasheet: https://vidaps.dk/products/product/model-oh-for-oh1/