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Introducing the new Model OH-R2-T and OH-R2-TH rosettes

June 29, 2016

Today two new products have been included in our product catalogue. The new rosettes, Model OH-R2-T and Model OH-R-TH, are designed to cover the installation holes of our recessed automatic Model OH-range and Model OH-Poseidon nozzles.

The new rosettes are easy to install and allows for the application of an appealing finish to the installed automatic nozzle.

The Model OH-R2-T is a simple and pleasing rosette with a plain face.

The Model OH-R2-TH is also a simple and pleasing rosette, but has been fitted with four fixation-holes, allowing the rosette to be fixed directly to the surrounding surface.

When customized correctly, the Model OH-R2-T and Model OH-R2-TH rosettes will make the rosette and nozzle hardly noticeable from its surroundings.

The Model OH-R2-T and Model OH-R2-TH are available from todays date. To read more about the rosettes, please click here.