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Fire Protecting Data Centers with Watermist

December 09, 2020

Why Select Watermist in a Data Center?

By Miguel Martinez, Global Business Development Manager, VID Fire-Kill

This will be one of the key questions that we will be answering during our webinar “Innovative Watermist Fire Protection for Data Centers” on the 15th December!

First, we will have a look at modern data center facilities.

Today’s data centers do not resemble the mainframes we know from previous decades and they are certainly not familiar to previous generations of IT personnel. These new facilities are also called wonders of computing technology, featuring state-of-the-art high-density servers and revolutionary cooling systems. They offer a wide range of services to their customers, providing them with infrastructure resources that would have been unthinkable years ago. The new data centers are continuing to drive innovation to provide their customers with better, and often customized, solutions for their networking and computing challenges.

Since this innovation and development are posing unique challenges for the fire protection engineer, they will have to take a few things into account! First, they will have to determine the objectives they want to achieve when selecting the fire suppression system. Furthermore, they will have to diligently consider the infrastructure and configuration that will be applied within this datacenter when determining the objectives and selecting a fire suppression system. These considerations mean that the choice and design of a fire suppression system must meet the business needs, the fire threats the facility is likely to face, and the possibilities this same facility is offering. Data centers are ventilated to maintain an optimal temperature and keep operations up and running. However, in case of a fire, ventilation can increase the spread of the fire by transporting smoke and heat to other areas of the building and provide fresh air into the space. Data centers also contains high-density cables that are stored in trays positioned above the servers, which can propagate fire. The sensitivity of the “New” HDDs in data centers can also be damaged from acoustic levels from suppression systems such as gas suppression system. Traditional pre-action water sprinklers will quickly suppress fire in data centers. Though, the amount of water required for extinguishing a fire may cause widespread damage to the facility. Fortunately, there is a solution that can significantly reduce the amount of water needed to suppress fires: Watermist.

Environmentally Friendly Fire Protection

Water is the oldest, most widely used and universally available firefighting agent. It is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and, in addition, has superior fire protection capabilities when compared to every other agent. The FIREKILL™ data center solution is a water-based technology without the use of environmentally harmful chemicals. Upon release, small and very fine water droplets are distributed. The solution offers fire suppression without filling the data center with gas or water, and without damaging surrounding servers and cabinets.

Want to know more about the efficiency of FIREKILL™ in Data Centers? Then join us on 15th December for our Innovative Watermist Fire Protection for Data Centers Webinar, where we will present the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective – and FM approved, fire suppression solution for data centers.

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