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Environmentally Friendly Aircraft Hangar Fire Protection!

October 02, 2020

Environmentally Friendly Aircraft Hangar Fire Protection!

By Miguel Martinez, Global Business Development Manager, VID Fire-Kill.

By their nature aircraft hangars pose unique challenges for the fire protection engineer. They have large open floor areas with tall roof decks in order to house high-value aircraft content. Large quantities of liquid jet fuel are present, and aircraft maintenance activities offer a variety of potential ignition sources.

There are several fire suppression options to protect large hangars, most of which involve big fire pumps, foam systems and sprinkler systems with large design areas.

Environmentally Friendly Aircraft Hangar Fire Protection

Water is the oldest, most widely used and universally available firefighting agent that is known. It is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and, in addition, has superior fire protection capabilities when compared to other agents.

VID Fire-Kill Model F102-1 is a water-based technology without the use of environmentally harmful chemicals. The solution offers fire suppression without filling the hangar with foam.

The VID Fire-Kill Model F102-1 nozzle system has been tested to the highest level by Defence Safety Authorities in several countries, and has been installed in NATO hangars for fire protection of F16, F35 and Boeing AWAC aircrafts.


The nozzles are installed embedded into the hangar floor, flush with the surrounding surface. This protects the nozzles in standby position but enables them to perform as needed if a fire occurs. Once pressure is added to the nozzle pipes, the nozzle will elevate from the floor and spray water mist into a 2 by 4 meter area.

Low water consumption and the non-use of firefighting foam makes our watermist systems environmentally friendly and harmless to people.

More information on the F102 nozzles can be found here.