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Children of Fire Charity Event

April 17, 2018

To celebrate their 20th anniversary IWMA is hosting a charity donation in favor of the Children of Fire International Foundation. To support this initiative we decided to donate €0,5 per FireKill watermist valve and €0,025 per FireKill watermist nozzle sold during week 15. As a result we were able to donate €755 to Children of Fire.

Children of Fire consists of two sister charities; Children of Fire International and Children of Fire Trust. The Charities were founded on the initiative of Bronwen Jones, a British engineering geologist and author who found Dorah Mokoena in a South African hospital in 1996. This little girl had been terribly burned and disfigured in a squatter camp shack fire at the age of seven months, and was befriended by Bronwen, her son Tristan and his friend Thobeka. They played with her over many months and then stepped in to prevent a medical decision that threatened her sight. Inspired by this case and by Bronwen’s success in turning this appalling situation around, the Charities co-operate to relieve the effects of poverty and sickness in South Africa and are particularly concerned with disabilities and disfigurement resulting from burns injuries.

The Charities work together to find such children and seek to identify and bring to bear the most expert and appropriate medical skills and care to children so injured. The Trusts also aim to reduce the incidence of such injuries by bringing about improvements in conditions in impoverished communities and by education and awareness training within such communities. You can read more about Children of Fire here.

This charity event will continue until September this year, so if you want to make a donation yourself you can do so here.