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VID Fire-Kill are pleased to regularly invite interested parties to participate in the VID Fire-Kill courses.

Our courses consist of theoretical and practical presentations, group discussions and full scale fire demonstrations and introduce participants to low pressure water mist and its use in protecting a wide assortment of applications. At the end of each course, participants will have received a detailed understanding of fire protection through the use of low pressure water mist and how these products are to be applied.

The VID Fire-Kill courses are open to most representatives of the industry, distributors, insurers, industry consultants, architects, installers, fire fighters, authorities and others who would like to learn more about how water mist works and what type of systems and products can be used for specific applications. Most of the group discussions revolve around the state of the current market, standards and how to provide the optimum protection of hard to protect applications.

Announced Courses and Seminars

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The Benefits of Using Watermist Seminar

12th - 13th April 2023

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General Seminar Specifications

– Courses and seminars will normally be two day events,

– 20-50 people will generally attend,

– 4-6 fire tests will be demonstrated at each event,

– All seminar and course material will be uploaded for download after the event,

– An attendance certificate will be handed out after each event.