The project in brief

VID Fire-Kill was contacted by the English owner of a number of power plants using waste wood as the main fuel. They had experienced fires in the waist wood in their incoming inventory area and therefore wanted a proven watermist solution.  The reason they wanted watermist was because they wanted to be able to supply the system with water from the existing water mains, and conventional water spray solutions would exceed that.

VID Fire-Kill offered to have their special integrated pipe and nozzle solution Model N-pipes tested to such a scenario involving deep seated Class A fires. Following the CEN/TS 14972 annex B, together with an ISO17025 accredited laboratory and the owners insurer, VID Fire-Kill accomplished to have their Model N-pipes Type 2V successfully tested to such large, potential deep seated class A fires with acceptance from the AHJ being the insurer.

Why was a VID Fire-Kill solution chosen?

– VID Fire-Kill could provide a turnkey solution including testing and getting AHJ acceptance,

– The Model N-pipes Type 2V ensures sound and reliable, high performance firefighting with pure watermist in fires with potentially 5-7m flame height,

– Proven solution for large deep seated Class A fires,

– Model N-pipes water consumption was within the limitation to the existing town mains connection,

– Easy to install and cost effective system.

Some specifics

In the original system design a zoned deluge design was to be used, however since the Model N-pipes Type 2V used so little water, it was decided to flood the entire hall in case of fire detection. The systems operated through flame detection and manual pull stations. After system installation the entire system was tested on site with satisfactory result and satisfactory response to follow from the owner and AHJ.

Products used for this case

Integrated Nozzle and Pipe Solution for the Protection of Biomass Storage Areas

Model N-Pipe Type 2V for Biomass Storage Areas

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Electrical & Manual Operated Control / Deluge Valves Made Purely in Stainless Steel 316L

Model C-EL

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