The project in brief

When expanding the university grounds, it was decided that the new 10.000 m2 annex of the Queens University Belfast should have a fixed fire protection system installed. Due to the size of the location, the many people travelling the grounds and the potential loss of equipment, a fast and reliable fire protective solution was needed.

The VID Fire-Kill OH automatic nozzles, APS atrium nozzles, C-EL deluge valves, C-EL-PA pre-action valves and WAC alarm check valves were found to fulfill the requirements and were therefore chosen.

It was additionally important to uphold the aesthetic appearance of the newly built building and this just made the VID Fire-Kill solutions even more of a perfect match for the job as they are designed to blend perfectly into the surroundings.

Why was a VID Fire-Kill solution chosen?

  • Model APS systems ensures simple, sound and reliable protection of large spaces up to 26 m width with horizontal installation only,

  • Both OH nozzles and Model APS easy hides from view and blends in with the aesthetic appearance of its surroundings,

  • Low water flow in case of fire decreases potential water damages,

  • All products used for this project were found sound and reliable as they have all been approved to the highest standards.

Some specifics

As the University also included a research center for cancer, which has high valuable electrical equipment stored, the Model C-EL-PA closed pre-action valve was used together with the OH automatic nozzles in the areas to minimize water damage in case of activations caused by other means than fire.

Products used for this case

Horizontal Installed Low Pressure Watermist Deluge System for Atrium Protection

Model APS – Atrium

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Automatic Nozzles for Light Hazard, Domestic and Residential Risks

Model OH-DR1 & Model OH-VSO

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Pre-Action Valves made purely in Stainless Steel 316L

Model C-EL-PA

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Electrical & Manual Operated Control / Deluge Valves Made Purely in Stainless Steel 316L

Model C-EL

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Wafer Style Alarm Check Valve w. Anti-False Alarm Unit Built-in Designed for Automatic Watermist Systems.

Model WAC with AFA Unit

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