The project in brief

Together with our French partner AAI, we have provided the fire protection for the car park at the newly refurbished Libourne Functional Imaging Center in Bordeaux, France. The FIREKILL Low Pressure Watermist OH-UPR nozzles were installed in connection with the refurbishment.

The Hospital Center is situated in the heart of the Bordeaux region. The facility was founded in 1912 and is made up of three main establishments, the Sabatié Foundation, Robert Boulin Hospital and Garderose Hospital.

Why was a VID Fire-Kill solution chosen?

The system is compatible with the local fire department’s equipment and water pressure and can therefore easily be connected to their hoses upon arrival at the car park.

The system offers:

  • Large nozzle coverage
  • Low water requirements
  • Compact pumps

Some specifics

The upright installed Model OH-UPR nozzles have been designed specifically for effective and reliable protection of Ordinary Hazard 2 “Enclosed Car Parks” risks.

Products used for this case

Automatic Nozzles for OH2 "Enclosed Car Parks" Risks

Model OH-UPR

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Wafer Style Alarm Check Valve w. Anti-False Alarm Unit Built-in Designed for Automatic Watermist Systems.

Model WAC with AFA Unit

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