The project in brief

As it was planned to restore the Capitol Theatre in Singapore, it was decided to protect the seating floor by use of a fixed fire protection system. Deciding on the correct system was made more difficult by the seating arrangements and aesthetics of the walls and ceiling.

The Model AU7 from VID Fire-Kill was determined to be the best system for the protection of the restored building.

As a floor mounted fixed fire protection system utilizing watermist, the Model AU7 allowed for the aesthetics of the ceiling and walls to go uninterrupted, and to completely protect the floor area of the room.

Installed at fixed distances, the nozzles are allowed to spray down the corridors created by the seating arrangements.

Why was a VID Fire-Kill solution chosen?

  • No requirement for ceiling or wall installations,
  • Pleasantly concealed into the floor,
  • Low water consumption, meant lower risk of water damage to the room,
  • Easy to install under the raised floor.

Some specifics

The 80 year old Capitol Theatre was a unique opportunity to implement the Model AU7 nozzles. With a coverage of 9 m from the nozzle orifice, the nozzles are perfectly capable of protecting the seating area with no visual disturbance to visitors.

Additionally, the size of the Model AU7 orifices allows for the installation in carpets and other such surfaces, as the orifices are kept protected from dust and contaminants up until the nozzle is activated.

Products used for this case

Low Pressure Watermist Pop-Up Nozzle for Seating Area Protection

Model AU7

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