The project in brief

Rebuilding the Pucinni Theatre in Bari, allowed for the application of VID Fire-Kills low-pressure water mist systems. The theatre, which had suffered significant fire-damages during a fire in 1991, was to be completely fire-protected. This meant the protection of many different areas, requiring many different solutions.

Through the use of the installed VID Fire-Kill nozzles, these different solutions were limited to only a few:

  • Model OH-SW on walls,
  • Model OH-VSO for areas with ceiling heigths lower than 5 meters,
  • Model APS for the seating area and atriums,
  • Model APS-KIP for the attics.

Why was a VID Fire-Kill solution chosen?

  • High applicability of products,
  • Highly reliable,
  • Prevention of water damages, limiting damages to structurally weak points,
  • Easy to conceal nozzles,
  • Low water requirements,
  • Large coverage.

Some Specifics

The fire protection of the Pucinni Theatre featured and especially problematic area requiring fire protection.

The attic, which secured the decorated plaster-ceiling of the seating area, was very susceptible to water damages. Limiting the structural integrity of the attic and decorated ceiling would result in an immense cultural loss and cause a very hazardous environment. The solutions was the installation of the Model APS-Kip system, designed to protect attics and vaulted-ceilings with very low water consumption.

Products used for this case

Automatic Nozzles for Light Hazard, Domestic and Residential Risks

Model OH-DR1 & Model OH-VSO

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Automatic Nozzles for Most EN OH1 Risks and NFPA LH Risks

Model OH-VSO, Model OH-SW, Model OH-SW2

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Horizontal Installed Low Pressure Watermist Deluge System for Atrium Protection

Model APS – Atrium

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Low Pressure Watermist Deluge System for Attic Protection

Model APS – KIP

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Small Multiple Jet Control One-Shot Valves with Integrated Glass Bulb Detection Function

Model SUFA100

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FM Approved Low Pressure Watermist, Open Nozzles for Total Flooding Protection in Machinery Spaces


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