The project in brief

Together with our Italien distributor, Bettati Antincendio s.r.l., we have provided the fire protection for the small and rustic sportswear shop ‘Game 7 Athletics’ in the center of Florence, Italy.


To ensure the highest level of fire safety and to protect the aesthetics of the shop the VID Fire-Kill Low Pressure Watermist OH-VSO and OH-PX2 systems were installed.


Why was a VID Fire-Kill solution chosen?

  • The system offers an almost hidden installation,
  • In case of fire and activation the low pressure watermist ensures less water damage to the shop and merchandise,
  • Low water requirements,
  • Low power requirements.

Some specifics

The small dimension pipes and concealed nozzles make the systems almost invisible.

Products used for this case

Automatic Nozzles for OH3 "Shops, Storage and Technology Areas" with heights up to 4 m

Model OH-PX2

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Automatic Nozzles for Most EN OH1 Risks and NFPA LH Risks

Model OH-VSO, Model OH-SW, Model OH-SW2

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Wafer Style Alarm Check Valve w. Anti-False Alarm Unit Built-in Designed for Automatic Watermist Systems.

Model WAC with AFA Unit

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