The project in brief

Together with our Brazilian distributor BUCKA Indústria e Comércio Ltda we have provided the fire protection for the office buildings and parking garages occupied by the Brazilian tele company Oi in Rio de Janeiro.

The Fire-Kill Low Pressure Watermist OH system has been installed in the multistory office buildings and connected underground parking garages.

Why was a VID Fire-Kill solution chosen?

The customer chose a Low Pressure Watermist solution for the multistory project because of the large nozzle coverage which would significantly reduce the number of nozzles as well as the investment in pumps.


Some specifics

  • Large nozzle coverage
  • Low water requirements
  • Compact pumps


Products used for this case

Pre-Action Valves made purely in Stainless Steel 316L

Model C-EL-PA

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Automatic Nozzles for OH2 "Enclosed Car Parks" Risks

Model OH-UPR

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Automatic Nozzles for Most EN OH1 Risks and NFPA LH Risks

Model OH-VSO, Model OH-SW, Model OH-SW2

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