The project in brief

In 2019 the VID Fire-Kill OH system was installed in the newly renovated hotel ‘Original FX Mayr Health Center GmbH’ in Maria Wörth in Austria. The low pressure watermist system was installed in connection with the installation of a false ceiling structure.

The required fire protection was a concern to the architect who was worried that the pipes of a fire fighting system would interfere with the architecture. In order to meet the requirements of an effective fire protection system that would not interfere with the beautiful new architecture VID Fire-Kill’s OH-system was chosen in cooperation with AH Safety Engineering GmbH.

Why was a VID Fire-Kill solution chosen?

  • The VID Fire-Kill firefighting system blends in with the surroundings
  • The system does not affect the characteristics of the architecture

Some specifics

The Fire-Kill system’s nozzles are integrated into the structure making the system almost invisible.

Products used for this case

Automatic Nozzles for Light Hazard, Domestic and Residential Risks

Model OH-DR1 & Model OH-VSO

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