Fires in homes – a big risk

Fires at home often cause serious injuries or even death. According to The National Fire Protection Association 365,000 fires occurred in American homes in year 2012, in which 12,875 fires caused serious injuries to the residents and 2,380 caused deaths. One reason for these consequences is civilians not trained or unprepared to handle fires in their homes, and another is because they cannot escape / save themselves either because they are immobile, sleeping or otherwise not capable of taking care of themselves.

Fast detection and activation help save lives

Most of the injuries happen when people try to extinguish the fire, whereas most of the deaths happen to elderly people, disabled, or people unable to rescue themselves. Many of these fires start either from electrical malfunctions or from smoking, and most of the fires tend to be life threatening as soon as 5 minutes from ignition point.

VID Fire-Kill has through extensive research and development created systems which combine fast and reliable detection with proven watermist control, suppression and extinguishment and low water flows and pressures. The systems are designed to be mounted in existing homes as well as into new, and with the low utility consumptions, this can be done for very low cost. Fire tests have shown that they will activate and begin to extinguish residential fires within 2-3 minutes.

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Fully Automatic, Retrofit Suited, Watermist System for Protection of Lives and Buildings

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