Metro and train stations

In busy underground stations or platforms, fire incidents can be disastrous due to the confined environment and limited escape routes. Evacuation can be challenging as evacuation routes easily become congested in emergency situations, and smoke can cause poor visibility. Quick
evacuation is crucial for protecting people from fire and toxic smoke.

Fires in underground facilities can have severe consequences not only for people trying to escape or evacuate themselves through smoke-filled designated evacuation routes, but also the collapse of the building structure or destruction of critical power or communication networks can have catastrophic consequences.

Fire protecting metro and train stations

A Low Pressure Watermist Fixed Fire Fighting System can improve the safety in stations and underground facilities significantly by either controlling, suppressing or extinguishing a fire. The system fights fires fast and effectively and enables safe evacuation and easy access for rescue workers. With a Fixed Fire Fighting System installed both life safety and asset protection are significantly improved.

Further, by installing a Low Pressure Watermist solution in a station or platform area the structure cost can be minimized due to smaller smoke extraction systems and fewer escape routes.

VID Fire-Kill’s Low Pressure Watermist System for fire protection of metro and train stations:

  • Lowers temperatures and prevents structural collapse
  • Reduces smoke propagation and outlet of e.g. toxic carbon monoxide (CO) ppm
  • Protects critical and important power and communication cable networks and utilities
  • Ensures quick reopening of highly important infrastructure networks after a fire
  • Enables quick and safe intervention of fire and rescue services

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