Cable tunnels

Cable tunnels are essential for modern data and power distribution and a fire in such an underground tunnel can bring society to a standstill and lead to serious economic loss. Due to the volume of electricity in these environments the risk of fire is especially high.

Efficient and reliable fire protection

By installing a Low Pressure Watermist System, the outbreak of the fire can be suppressed, controlled, and in most cases, extinguished before property or equipment is damaged.

The Fire-Kill cable tunnel solution covers cable tunnels up to 3.75 m in height and with airflows up to 4.1 m/s in both open nozzle and automatic nozzle configuration.

A Low Pressure Watermist System ensures optimal fire protection for cable and mining tunnels and offers:

  • Rapid fire control
  • Lowers ambient temperatures
  • Minimal water damage
  • Ensures quick opening of highly important infrastructure networks
  • Coverage of tunnels up to 3.75 m in height

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