Data Centers

A data center houses IT equipment used to collect, process, and store data for digital activities. Thousands of servers and cables are stored inside these facilities and due to the massive power density in the electrical equipment in server rooms, data centers need fast-acting fire suppression systems to protect equipment, ensure personnel safety and safeguard business continuity.

Fire Protecting Data Centers

The VID Fire-Kill Low Pressure Watermist System is an ideal solution for protecting data centers and data processing equipment against fire.
The system is FM approved to protect all areas of modern data centers including server halls, sub floors, technical rooms, offices and more. The low pressure watermist system has a lower water consumption than traditional sprinklers, and operates at a lower water pressure than high pressure watermist systems, and since the system only uses potable water as extinguishing agent, it is harmless to people and the environment.

In comparison to high pressure watermist systems, low pressure watermist systems can be combined with traditional sprinklers. The low pressure watermist pumps and tanks can be combined with traditional fire sprinklers protecting HC2 and HC3 areas for an FM approved hybrid solution where watermist approvals do not exist.





Main benefits of the VID Fire-Kill Low Pressure Watermist System for data center fire protection:

  • FM approved to protect complete data centers
  • Uses less water than traditional sprinkler systems, which minimizes the risk of water damage
  • Harmless to people and the environment
  • Lower water requirements allows the system to use smaller diameter piping
  • The low pressure watermist system can be combined with conventional sprinklers for a hybrid system
  • Easy to install and maintain

Animation Describing the Solution

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