Value adding solutions to match your needs

VID Fire-Kill have stridden to create fire protection systems for the protection of locations where watermist brings value to the end user. Through years of development, ingenuity and product testing, VID Fire-Kill is now capable of protecting all major offshore applications, and a majority of commercial and industrial applications found onshore, all with approved robust and reliable systems which minimized the use of water and power.

Covering common applications as well as niche applications

Common Applications

VID Fire-Kill have designed a product series for the protection of the most commonly found applications onshore and offshore, all fully approved to the highest level in standards and codes. In the offshore sector we provide Type Approvals and MED on all our products issued by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and/or Lloyds Register (LR) to the latest revisions of IMO standards, and in the land sector we provide Factory Mutual (FM) approvals on automatic systems as well as deluge systems.

All systems have been specifically designed for the protection of each application focusing on fire control and suppression, preventing structure compromisation, reducing business interruption, esthetic design and saving lives.

Niche Applications

VID Fire-Kill have designed systems for the protection of special hazard niche applications such as infrastructure tunnels, conveyor belts, outdoor facades, fat fryers, stair cases, cultural heritage buildings, etc., all provided with testing documentation showing successful fire and component testing at accredited fire test laboratories.

Additionally VID Fire-Kill have designed special systems integrating electronics and mechanics ensuring the best possible system to match specific needs.

Product development to match your specific application

With extensive experience in developing, testing and manufacturing watermist and other fire protection systems, VID Fire-Kill is prepared to assist you, developing a product that match your requirements and solves your problems.

We can provide our customers with custom designed and branded solutions, and with products which fulfil all the needs in regards to performance, design, reliability and approvals as well as installation and for the maintenance of the products.

Such development is carried out in close cooperation with the customer, and depending on what type product and approval is needed, a complete R&D cycle requires typically 2-12 months.