Model OH-OPX1 & N-Pipe Fleet System

The pendent Model OH-OPX1 and the N-Pipe Fleet System are open nozzle solutions to the protection of OH3 “Shops, Storage and Technology Areas” with heights above 4m.

The Model OH-OPX1 are open nozzles supplied individually and designed to be installed much like the automatic Model OH-nozzles, that is into already installed pipe-work. The Model OH-OPX1 allows for an installation height of up to 6m.

The N-Pipe Fleet System features small-dimensioned open nozzles designed for installation into the pre-drilled N-Pipes. The nature of the N-Pipe Fleet System allows for consistent spacing between nozzles and quick installation. The N-Pipe Fleet system allows for an installation height of up to 12m. For applications with heights between 6m and 12m, please consult with the VID Fire-Kill salesteam on a case-by-case basis.

Approvals and Typical Applications

The OH-OPX1 nozzle has been tested and approved in accordance with IMO Resolution MSC.1/Circ. 1430 for RORO spaces and special category spaces and MED and TA approved by DNVGL.

The N-Pipe Fleet System has been tested and approved to DFL TM 90329-03 with amendments 150225-2 in accordance with TS/CEN 14972:2011 Appendix B, as implemented in the CEN/prEN 14972:2016, part 1, Annex A.

The Model OH-OPX1 & N-Pipe Fleet System has been successfully tested and approved to protect OH3 “Shops, Storage and Technology Areas”.

These approvals allows for the protection of:

Inventories – Sales, Storage and Technology Areas enclosed by OH1 areas

For more information regarding the applicability of the Model OH-OPX1 and N-Pipe Fleet System, please read the supplied datasheets below or contact the VID Fire-Kill Salesteam.

Diverging from the Automatic Model OH-Nozzles

Although the Model OH-Nozzle range ordinarily entail Low Pressure Automatic Watermist Nozzles, the following two products featured in this product group are a great alternative to the automatic nozzles and when ceiling heights extend above 4 m.

The Model OH-OPX1 is an open nozzle within the Model OH-nozzle range and therefore occupies similar limitations.

The N-Pipe Fleet System is a pre-fabricated pipe system, ready for installation, utilizing low pressure micronozzles.

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