The project in brief

Frogner Hovedgaard is listed on the Norwegian Directorate of Cultural Heritage list of cultural heritage sites. The buildings were erected as a wood construction in 1825 – 1830 in Skien in the southern parts of Norway. As a part of the Norwegian cultural heritage, it was decided that Frogner Hovedgaard should be fire protected.

Due to laws and regulation regarding the renovation of such buildings, a system using small dimension pipes was requested and furthermore due to many non-heated areas, innovative systems utilizing watermist deluge systems where required. VID-Fire-Kill Model OH Nozzles for heated areas and VID Fire-Kill Model N-pipes was therefore a perfect match for the project requirements.

Why was a VID Fire-Kill solution chosen?

– Small dimension pipes ensured fewer damages to the building,

– Model OH nozzles with color finish ensure nice retrofit installation very little visible,

– Model C-EL control valves and N-pipes ensure simple, sound and reliable protection in cold areas without risk of having the system water freezing,

– Low water flow in case of fire would help damage the building less.

Some specifics

The non-heated areas were zone protected with open Model N-pipe Type 2V + BM-1 nozzles, and in case of fire smoke / flame detection would trigger the zone Model C-EL control valve. The entire attic are where zoned into 9 smaller zones.

Automatic nozzles Model OH-range where used in all the heated areas.

Products used for this case

Automatic Nozzles for Most EN OH1 Risks and NFPA LH Risks

Model OH-VSO, Model OH-L2, Model OH-SW, Model OH-SWC & Model OH-UPR

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Open Nozzles for OH3 "Shops, Storage and Technology Areas" with heights above 4m

Model OH-OPX1 & N-Pipe Fleet System

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Electrical & Manual Operated Control / Deluge Valves Made Purely in Stainless Steel 316L

Model C-EL

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