The VID Fire-Kill Extranet

VID Fire-Kill Extranet is intended to give Installers, Designers, Contractors, Authorities and other users of VID Fire-Kill technologies access to product and sales literature such as datasheet, DIOM manuals, pictures, videos, certificates, test reports, brochures, flyers etc.

It is also intended to give Official Distributors and Sales Agents access to price lists, discount list and other such relevant information. Finally it is intended to give course and seminar guests easy access to download seminar material.

Getting a user account

To sign up to the VID Fire-Kill Extranet, please send an e-mail to the VFK secretariat found here.

Existing Users

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Problems Signing in?

Should you have any problems or questions, please inform VID Fire-Kill by e-mail or by phone:

Tel.:   (+45) 62621024